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SplitView 2008 released!

We are happy to announce the release of SplitView 2008.

This release has a number of significant updates - refer to the Release notes for details.

If you have purchased SplitView within the past year, this is a free upgrade! Your existing license keys will continue to work.

SplitView enables Multi-Monitor support for VDI

Many organizations have started to host desktops inside virtual machines running on centralized servers in a data center using VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Users can access their virtual desktops remotely from a traditional PC, thin client or re-purposed computer using a remote display protocol such as Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

VDI enables you to:
• Manage desktops centrally, simplifying desktop installations, backups and maintenance.

Watch DiskView and SplitView in action

DiskView and SplitView are both highly interactive, and static screenshots are not quite as effective as watching them in action.

We have just uploaded a flash demo of DiskView in action. The demo can be seen at http://www.diskview.com/flashtour.htm and gives a quick and effective overview of DiskView. This five minute demo shows how seamlessly DiskView integrates with Windows Explorer, and how it can be an effective tool in managing disk space usage and visualizing its health. Hope you enjoy it!

SplitView 2007 - reloaded!

We have just released a new update to SplitView, with several improvements and bug fixes. This release (SplitView 2007 - Update 12) is focused on usability, enterprise deployment and performance, and contains the following enhancements:

Multiple monitors with Remote Desktop and SplitView

SplitView is becoming very popular lately for using dual-monitors with remote desktop programs like Citrix, Remote Desktop or Radmin.

It turns out that two monitors isn’t enough for a lot of people - many users have asked us for support for three, four or even more monitors with remote desktop! We are happy to oblige.

We have just released an update to SplitView that lets you use three, four or even more(!) monitors with remote desktop (Microsoft’s RDP, Citrix, Radmin) in addition to the dual-monitor support that has already existed.

SplitView 2007 released!

Today, we are happy to announce the release of SplitView 2007. Get it here.

We have received a LOT of great feedback on SplitView - and this sparkling new release is a direct result of this feedback!

SplitView 2.1 is out!

After a lot of hard work, and a successful beta, we’re happy to announce the release of SplitView 2.1!

Noteworthy features include:

  • SplitView buttons to reposition windows with one click

SplitView 2.1 Beta

SplitView has been very popular lately, and more and more people with bigger and bigger monitors are finding it very useful to work with multiple apps at a time.

We have been very buzy in making the next update of SplitView, and this update is ‘pretty huge’ in terms of the features added.

Vyooh attains Certified Partner Status again

Vyooh has once again achieved the coveted Microsoft Certified Partner status for 2006-2007.

In addition to this honor, Vyooh has recieved the Microsoft ISV/Software Solutions Competency.