SplitView 2.1 Beta

SplitView has been very popular lately, and more and more people with bigger and bigger monitors are finding it very useful to work with multiple apps at a time.

We have been very buzy in making the next update of SplitView, and this update is ‘pretty huge’ in terms of the features added.

We’ve added support for title bar buttons in SplitView - what that means is that you no longer need two mouse clicks to reposition your windows. Splitview will add it’s own buttons on the window title bar, next to the minimize, maximize and close buttons. It is best seen than talked about:

SplitView Buttons


Clicking the Splitview buttons automatically re-positions the windows. And yes, XP themes are supported.

A great deal of options have been added for customizability, including customizable keyboard shortcuts, extra menu items, options to exclude certain apps if needed, etc. The user interface is also greatly improved, with slick new icons and dialogs. 

While we’re working on the finishing touches, why don’t you give the Beta a try and let us know of any kinks that you notice, and any bright ideas. We’re eager to hear your feedback!

SplitView 2.1 Beta can be downloaded from: http://www.splitview.com/Beta/SplitView.msi

This is a time limited Beta that will expire in 30 days.