SplitView 2007 released!

Today, we are happy to announce the release of SplitView 2007. Get it here.

We have received a LOT of great feedback on SplitView - and this sparkling new release is a direct result of this feedback!

SplitView is being used in many innovative ways. A lot of our customers are using SplitView with Citrix and Remote Desktop (RDP 6.0) on dual-monitors. When used with dual-monitors, Citrix as well as RDP spans across both monitors in one seamless desktop. Although both monitors are utilized, Citrix and RDP do not recognize them as two separate monitors but as ‘one big monitor’ that spans both displays. This is problematic because, when dialog boxes appear, they show up in the middle of the two monitors. When maximized, applications span across both screens.

This is where SplitView comes in – it effectively sub-divides the seamless desktop back into two sub-displays, one for each monitor. When windows are maximized, they get maximized to either the left or the right monitor, and not across both monitors. The Go Left and Go Right buttons make it simple to move windows from one screen or the other. SplitView 2007 adds the ability to restore windows back to their original size similar to the Windows Maximize/Restore button. Dialog boxes and windows are automatically repositioned (another SplitView 2007 feature) to appear on the correct display and not in the center of the two monitors, half here and half there. (Note: Some of these options are disabled by default and can be enabled in SplitView Options > Advanced tab > Dual-monitor Settings)

SplitView is also indispensable when using dual-monitors in ‘span mode’ or with display-splitting hardware like Matrox DualHeadToGo. It helps increase productivity by making the two monitors appear as two separate displays. This feature is customizable through the SplitView Options dialog > General tab > Dual-monitor settings.

In addition to the enhancements for dual-monitors, we have added support for Windows Vista. SplitView buttons are disabled by default on Windows Vista, but can be enabled through the SplitView Options dialog. SplitView buttons work well with the Aero Basic theme, and are compatible with Aero theme as well. Bug fixes for bugs that caused ‘excluded applications’ to show SplitView buttons, and SplitView buttons to not show in the Windows ‘Classic’ theme are also included.

We hope you like SplitView 2007, and it helps you make the best use of your monitor’s real-estate!