Watch DiskView and SplitView in action

DiskView and SplitView are both highly interactive, and static screenshots are not quite as effective as watching them in action.

We have just uploaded a flash demo of DiskView in action. The demo can be seen at and gives a quick and effective overview of DiskView. This five minute demo shows how seamlessly DiskView integrates with Windows Explorer, and how it can be an effective tool in managing disk space usage and visualizing its health. Hope you enjoy it!

We have fun writing innovative software, and we love it even more when you have fun using it! Steve Audette, a recent SplitView convert, really enjoyed using SplitView and sent us a quick video he made of SplitView in action. Steve uses SplitView to make more efficient use of his widescreen monitor by running multiple applications side-by-side. Watch Steve’s demo at his website - Thank you, Steve!