SplitView 2007 - reloaded!

We have just released a new update to SplitView, with several improvements and bug fixes. This release (SplitView 2007 - Update 12) is focused on usability, enterprise deployment and performance, and contains the following enhancements:

  • Support for Office 2007 - SplitView window buttons are now usable with Office 2007 applications
  • Support for Lotus Notes - Lotus Notes is now compatible with SplitView buttons
  • Improved deployment for multiple users, with limited user accounts
    • Administrator privileges are not required for running SplitView
    • SplitView is auto-started for all users, instead of just the user installing it
  • Resolved bug in restoring the position of a window previously maximized on the right monitor
  • Improved placement when moving windows – windows are no longer moved to the absolute left or right. Instead, they are moved proportionally from one screen part to another. For this behavior, the ‘Do not resize window, just move them’ setting should be enabled
  • Improved usability – the window button to restore windows to their previous position caused usability issues when the windows were only moved and not resized. This option is now available only when the ‘Do not resize window, just move them’ setting is disabled
  • Improved repositioning of windows maximized to a screen-part. When moving a maximized window from one screen to another, it remains maximized
  • Improved performance – SplitView settings are cached in-memory for better performance
  • Better repositioning of splash screens. This version is better at detecting splash screens that open up in the middle of two monitors, and repositioning them to either the left or the right monitor