SplitView 2.1 is out!

After a lot of hard work, and a successful beta, we’re happy to announce the release of SplitView 2.1!

Noteworthy features include:

  • SplitView buttons to reposition windows with one click

  • SplitView Options dialog - SplitView is now highly customizable
  • Configurable Menu items - including menus to move windows to top or bottom of screen, in addition to right/left
  • Configurable Keyboard shortcuts to move and reposition windows
  • Keyboard shortcuts for maximizing, restoring and minimizing windows.The new shortcuts are:
    Alt/Win + 5 maximizes or restores windows appropriately
    Alt/Win + 0 minimizes window
  • A setting for turning off window animations has been added. This is useful for slower computers and applications that are slow to respond on resizing.
  • Smarter resizing/repositioning of windows. Non-resizable windows are now repositioned instead of resized when using SplitView. This avoids them from taking up a lot of screen real-estate, without providing a useful user-interface.
  • Revamped user-interface - slick new icons, and better dialogs.
  • Option to exclude certain applications from SplitView customization. This can be useful for applications like Yahoo Messenger that are ’skinned’ and do not use the Windows XP themes for their title bars.

SplitView is a great utility for people with high-resolution monitors - more and more people with bigger and bigger monitors are finding it very useful to work with multiple apps at a time. Try it out today!