SplitView 2013 adds Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 support

We are happy to announce the release of SplitView 2013.

This release has a number of significant updates including support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 - refer to the Release notes for details.

If you've purchased SplitView 2012 or have a current annual support/maintenance contract, this release is a free upgrade. Your existing license keys will continue to work. And thanks, again, for the love :)

This handy tool to chop and finely grate your windows and monitors is now in it's seventh year of release. SplitView 2013 is now here, and it's fine blade lets you chop distracting windows that scatter all over your desktop, and arrange them into nicely stacked delicacies that are both tasty and easier to digest.

Jokes apart, SplitView has proven to be a life saver for computer users who need to deal with large amounts of information day in and day out, and helps them organize their windows and monitors to defeat desktop clutter. Whether you are using one large monitor or a number of smaller ones (read multi-monitors), SplitView helps arrange windows on them for optimum workflows. Remote workers that use Citrix or remote desktop (RDP) can also reap the same benefits and don't get a sub-par multi-monitor experience with SplitView.

Like always, this is a free upgrade if you bought SplitView anytime in the last year! Your existing license keys will continue to work. For all others, the new version is still a bargain, and new updates will be free for one year from the date of purchase.