Release Notes

SplitView 2018
1st January, 2018

  • Performance enhancements
  • Compatibility with recent updates to Windows and Microsoft Office applications.
SplitView 2017 R3
14th April, 2017

  • Compatibility enhancement for maximizing recent versions of Google Chrome.
SplitView 2017 R2
11th February, 2017

  • Fixed issue with some windows losing focus
  • Improved and more efficient memory management
  • Better detection of windows to which buttons are added
  • Stability improvements
  • Application compatibility enhancements
  • Enhancements to handle a larger number of applications and windows simultaneously
SplitView 2017
9th January, 2017

  • Added support for Windows Server 2016
  • Miscellaneous compatibility fixes
SplitView 2016 R2
12th February, 2016

  • Bug fix for issue that caused Windows Explorer to crash when displaying TCP/IP Properties on Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Memory usage optimizations
SplitView 2016
6th January, 2016

  • Added support for Windows 10
  • SplitView buttons do not overlap Google Chrome's buttons
  • Improved SplitView installer experience and functionality
SplitView 2015 R3
12th February 2015

  • Bug fix for Save As and Print dialogs in Internet Explorer that caused them to appear behind the main IE window, and similar issue with Lotus Notes
SplitView 2015 R2
9th February 2015

  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365 applications including Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Compatibility with Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Stability improvements and much improved application compatibility
  • Better looking SplitView buttons for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Bug fix for issue causing SplitView buttons to be invisible on some applications, or be visible only on hovering mouse on them
SplitView 2015
21st January 2015

  • Improved aesthetics in window buttons
SplitView 2014 - Update 2
21st February 2014

  • Bug fix for issue that caused SplitView buttons to overlap Google Chrome buttons
  • Compatibility fixes for Console Window Host process
SplitView 2014 - Update 1
21st December 2013

  • Bug fix for issue that caused black rectangles to show up on the screen, when Widows Aero theme is active.
  • Stability improvements when SplitView is closed or restarted
SplitView 2014
15th December 2013

  • Support for Windows 8.1
  • Support for Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Support for Microsoft Office 2013
SplitView 2013
7th February 2013

  • Support for Windows 8
  • Support for Windows Server 2012
  • Window buttons look and behave like the native Windows 8 and Windows Server 2013 buttons on these platforms
SplitView 2012 - update 1
23rd July 2012

  • Added SplitView buttons support for moving windows across monitors when more than 2 monitors are present in RDP multimon sessions, multi monitor XenApp and XenDesktop sessions as well as local workstation sessions
  • Bug fix for issue that caused the SplitView icon to disappear from the system tray if Windows Explorer is re-started
  • Bug fix for issue that prevented the option to split each monitor in a Personal Edition session from being honored
SplitView 2012
15th April 2012

  • Added ability to configure SplitView in one of two ways when run on a multi-monitor local or Xen Desktop session: windows can be moved to either the other monitor (new default behavior) or the other half (or parts) of the same monitor. This behavior can be temporarily overridden by holding down the Ctrl key when clicking the Go Left/ Go Right buttons.
  • Overall improvements in user experience, especially with Windows Aero theme.
  • Support for IE9: application compatibility fix for Internet Explorer 9 crash with Adobe Flash, on 64 bit Windows platform.
  • Bug fix for issue that caused the clock to disappear in some circumstances.
  • Added compatibility fixes for Google Chrome browser - SplitView buttons do not obscure the Chrome maximize/minimize/restore buttons with this fix.
  • Application compatibility fixes for Skype, Java and Delphi based applications.
  • Improvements in Windows taskbar positioning logic. Bug fix for issue that caused the taskbar to occupy the left half screen, if docked on the left screen edge. Compatibility with "Auto-hide task bar" setting of Windows Explorer.
  • Better window management logic, that causes menus and other popup windows to appear along with their parent applications.
  • Bug fix for issue that caused Alt-Tab list to contain bogus items when Adobe Acrobat Reader was running and SplitView buttons were added on Windows Aero theme.
  • Bug fix for issue that caused Windows Explorer with Windows Aero theme to crash when opening some folders.
  • Silent command line registration now accepts register/quietregister in addition to REGISTER/QUIETREGISTER
  • Bug fix for bogus key expired message, when a valid key is entered after the trial has expired.
  • Bug fix for issue that prevented SplitView from starting up on systems with missing certificates.
  • Bug fix for issue that caused SplitView Aero Buttons to sometimes show up without an app window.
  • Bug fix for issue that caused SplitView settings to not stick, when not run as Administrator, and installed with machine wide settings.
  • Compatibility with Windows 8 (Consumer Preview)
SplitView 2011 SP1
9th June 2011

  • Added support Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 and Windows XP Service Pack 3
  • Fixed sporadic "MS_WebcheckMonitor" and exception violation error in Explorer.exe upon logging off from a Remote Desktop session
SplitView 2011
24th February 2011

  • Added support for Aero glass theme in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Added support for SplitView buttons on Windows 7(x64) and Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Added support for Aero Basic theme buttons
  • Efficiency improvements - SplitView install is now 39% more lightweight, and consumes minimal system resources. Two instances of SplitScr.exe are no longer required in a session.
  • Added support for RDP7 multimon feature
  • Added support for Citrix XenApp 6
  • Added compatibility fixes for Office 2010 applications
  • Added compatibility fixes for RES Powerfuse
  • Bug fix when maximizing applications when taskbar is confined to one monitor and is on the top edge of the screen
  • Bug fixes for SplitView GINA on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 that prevented it from starting on certain x64 systems
  • Bug fix in SplitView GINA to handle the case when DontDisplayLastUserName setting or the corresponding Group Policy setting is enabled
  • Bug fix for sporadic crash in Windows Explorer when logging off
  • Bug fix for Windows Explorer hanging or being slow to respond when taskbar is confined to a screen part
  • Improved application compatibility
  • Bug fix for HideIcon registry setting not working for non-administrators
  • Bug fix for HideIcon registry setting causing taskbar positioning to not work correctly
  • Bug fix for issue that caused taskbar to move to the top edge of the screen on occasion, when taskbar is confined to a screen
  • Bug fix for issue that caused some menu items and windows to be positioned incorrectly on the other monitor
  • Bug fix for issue that caused the window to appear behind the taskbar, when maximized/minimized/restored, when the taskbar is at the top of the screen and confined to one monitor
  • Bug fix for taskbar not shrinking on Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 when the SplitViw icon is hidden in the system tray
  • Bug fix for "Auto-start SplitView" setting not working on Terminal Servers/XenApp servers
  • User interface improvements
SplitView 2010
18th April 2010

  • Added support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Enhanced logic for repositioning tool tips
SplitView 2009 - update 1
15th January 2009

  • Application compatibility fix for The Agency Manager(TAM) software. Fixed issue that caused a pop-up menu to be incorrectly positioned
SplitView 2008 - update 14
10th November 2008

  • Bug fix for SplitView error when Windows Vista resumes from Sleep or Hibernation
SplitView 2008 - update 12
27th October 2008

  • Bug fix for issue that caused the Windows taskbar to be positioned incorrectly, if 'Confine Windows taskbar to one monitor' is selected and the taskbar is 'locked'
  • Added Windows Vista sidebar to exclusion list
SplitView 2008 - update 11
15th October 2008

  • Windows 2000 compatability fixes
  • Bug fix for cleaning up SplitView logon script at uninstall (on Citrix and Terminal Servers)
SplitView 2008 - update 10
29th September 2008

  • Added ability to chain SplitView GINA with other third-party GINAs
  • Bug fix for issue that caused Windows Explorer to maximize across both monitors occasionally
  • Bug fix for issue that caused taskbar to move with keyboard shortcuts
SplitView 2008 - update 9
9th September 2008

  • Bug fix for Office 2007 applications getting clipped at bottom, when maximized, if the taskbar is confined to one screen
  • Bug fix for 'Show Desktop' causing desktop icons to move
  • Bug fix for 'auto-detect screen resolution' setting causing conflicts in Personal mode installs
SplitView 2008 - update 8
25th August 2008

  • Added option to auto-detect the number of client monitors in a remote session and adjust screen division for multi-monitor settings accordingly
  • Child windows and dialog boxes of applications now appear on the same monitor that the main application is running on
  • Splash screens are repositioned correctly so as not to be in the middle of two monitors split by the bezel
  • Improved user experience when moving windows from one monitor to another in 3+ monitor configurations
  • SplitView now detects if a remote session is connected or restored from another computer with a different monitor layout and updates window positions so that all windows appear correctly in the new session layout.
  • SplitView includes a replacement GINA stub called SVGina.dll (SVGinaX.dll on X64 systems). This replacement GINA stub can be used to reposition the GINA, Windows security and log on dialog boxes to the center of one monitor instead of being cut in half by the monitor bezels. It in turn calls the default Microsoft GINA (msgina.dll) for normal GINA functionality. SplitView's GINA stub can be enabled by adding the path to C:\Program Files\SplitView 2008\SVGina.dll (SVGinaX.dll on 64 bit systems) to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\GinaDLL registry key. SVGina.dll is supported on Windows XP and 2003 Server only. (See Microsoft KB at for additional details)
  • Improved window positioning in presence of application toolbars/sidebars
  • Windows repositioned automatically so as to not be across monitor edges when SplitView is started
  • Bug fix for issue that caused certain system menu options to vanish in applications such as Putty
  • Bug fix for issue that caused the task bar to hide, if it was in "confine to one monitor" mode, and the session was reconnected to from a different computer
  • Bug fix for issue that caused maximized windows to be moveable
  • Bug fixes in shortcut keys for issues caused in update 7 - Windows key reintroduced as a shortcut key for non-Citrix installs. Fixed issue that caused the shortcut key settings to be overwritten
  • Bug fix for Go Left/Go Right behavior with maximized windows when a custom window split is used
  • When Internet Explorer is maximized with Ctrl+N, it should not cover the entire screen (even though the Ctrl key is pressed). Added a special check to accomodate this.
  • Several improvements in window handling logic leading to better application compatibility (eg. with Address Book, Office 2007 applications, ...)
  • Bug fix for issue that caused SplitView buttons to be blank when themes are not active, and certain specific non-standard system metrics are in use
  • Improved aesthetics in window buttons when large size caption bars are used
  • Added option to hide SplitView icon from taskbar - set HKCU\Software\SplitView\HideIcon=1(DWORD) in the Registry
SplitView 2008 - update 7
23rd July 2008

  • Zero configuration support for Citrix published applications using logon scripts.
  • Window positions are preserved when moving windows to the left/right monitor
  • Change in default keyboard shortcut for Citrix/remote sessions. (Use Alt+arrow keys instead of Window+arrow keys)
  • Bug fix in maximizing windows when taskbar or other application bars are on the left or right window edges
  • Bug fix in updating taskbar position when SplitView is enabled/disabled using system tray icon
  • Application compatability fix for SnagIt
SplitView 2008 - update 6
1st July 2008

  • Improved out-of-box support for Citrix published applications
  • Bug fix for maximized windows covering taskbar in Citrix published applications
  • Install/uninstall configuration enhancements for Citrix
SplitView 2008 - update 5
11th June 2008

  • Bug fix for maximized windows covering taskbar, when the taskbar is confined to one monitor for remote desktop use
SplitView 2008 - update 4
28th April 2008

  • Added support to confine Windows taskbar to one monitor, when using Remote Desktop, Citrix or VMware VDI with multiple monitors.
  • Bug fix for SplitView not showing Options menu on Windows Vista when using machine-wide settings
  • Excluded tool-tip shadows from repositioning
SplitView 2008 - update 3
10th April 2008

  • Bug fix for issue that caused incompatability with 16-bit code in Applied Systems The Agency Manager(TAM), MYOB and Access 2.0.
SplitView 2008 - update 2
3rd April 2008

  • Added support for Windows Server 2008
  • Improvement in keyboard shortcut handling code

SplitView 2008 - update 1
21st January 2008

  • Resolved conflict with Citrix pass-through authentication, when using published applications
  • Resolved flicker in SplitView buttons with Microsoft Office applications
  • Resolved access violation in Internet Explorer when programmatically dismissing certain pop-ups
  • Excluded screensavers from re-positioning
  • Excluded Start menu's 'All Programs' pane from re-positioning
SplitView 2008
14th January 2008

  • Support for moving applications to other monitors - press Ctrl key while clicking Go Left/Go Right buttons
  • Added support for specifying custom gap for taskbar
  • Added support for ProFX Engagement
  • Added support for Simply Accounting
  • Resolution for bug that caused hang in Excel worksheets
SplitView 2007 – update 29
5th November 2007

  • Fix for access violation in a particular Java application
SplitView 2007 – update 28
3rd November 2007

  • 64 bit : Several bug fixes in 64 bit installer and executable to correctly use same settings for 32 bit and 64 bit processes, to account for virtualized registry
SplitView 2007 – update 27
4th October 2007

  • Enable PowerPoint slide show on one monitor with Citrix/Remote Desktop
SplitView 2007 – update 24
23rd September 2007

  • Bug fix in reading common settings for limited users
SplitView 2007 – update 23
12th September 2007

  • SplitView ported to 64 bit (X64) Windows platforms
SplitView 2007 – update 21
4th September 2007

  • Added support for excluding applications from SplitView using SplitView Options dialog > Miscellaneous tab > Excluded Applications
SplitView 2007 – update 20
27th August 2007

  • Bug fix for issue that caused multiple instances of SplitView to start if auto-start option is enabled, in Personal Edition mode
  • Resolution for bug that caused hang in Excel worksheets
  • Initial support for excluding applications using registry keys
SplitView 2007 – update 18
14th August 2007

  • Changes in installer to enable installation in Terminal Server mode and Personal mode
  • Changed default initial settings – set minimum resolution to 2000 for disabling multi-monitor settings
  • Added option to disable keyboard shortcuts
  • Added option for ‘auto-starting’ SplitView in SplitView Options dialog
  • Miscellaneous UI improvements in SplitView Options dialog
  • Improvements in license key management, with About dialog showing the actual SplitView Edition
  • Improved support for limited users without administrator privileges
  • Bug fix for bug that prevented user from logging off Windows session
SplitView 2007 – update 15
31st May 2007

  • Improvements in repositioning more pop-ups and splash screens
  • Bug fix to not maximize windows when resizing, if multi-monitor settings are enabled, but temporarily disabled due to resolution
  • Bug fix to not reposition windows, if multi-monitor settings are enabled, but temporarily disabled due to resolution
  • Hide menu option to change machine wide SplitView setting for users without admin privileges
SplitView 2007 – update 12
7th May 2007

  • Added option of per-user and machine-wide settings for SplitView
  • Bug fix in Lotus Notes support
  • Bug fix in repositining windows if current resolution is less than the minimum resolution specified for disabling multi-monitor settings
SplitView 2007 – update 11
17th April 2007

  • Added support for Office 2007 applications on Windows XP
  • Improvement in window button painting code
SplitView 2007 – update 10
14th April 2007

  • Toggle state added to window buttons to enable restoring windows maximized to a particular monitor or screen half
  • Improvement in repositioning more pop-up windows and splash screens
  • Improvement in logic for maximizing Internet Explorer to a screen part
  • Improvements in repositioning windows and setting their state based on their previous state
SplitView 2007 – update 9
5th April 2007

  • Bug fix for crash/hang in Explorer.exe
  • Improved logic in maximizing windows to the appropriate screen
  • Bug fix in adding SplitView menu items to the window menus
SplitView 2007 – update 6
23rd March 2007

  • Bug fix for single user mode installation
  • If registry keys are missing on first run, they are added to HKCU - this can happen with the way Windows Installer uses delayed installation
SplitView 2007 – update 5
21st Feb 2007

  • Added Multiple monitor support with Citrix/Remote Desktop
  • Added support for temporarily disabling multi monitor settings below a certain resolution
  • Added support for dividing the screen in multiple parts
  • User interface improvements in SplitView Options dialog
  • Bug fix in repositioning pop-up windows and dialogs
SplitView 2007 – update 3
2nd February 2007

  • Added support for Luna look and feel
  • Added support for Control key modifier when maximizing windows (causes windows to maximize across all monitors)
  • Bug fix in license key registration code
  • Added internationalization support for Menu items
SplitView 2007 – update 2
2nd January 2007

  • Bug fix in maximizing internal windows correctly in MDI applications
SplitView 2007 – update 1
12th Dec 2006

  • Added “Advanced tab” in SplitView Options dialog
  • Added support for custom split, i.e. non uniform division of screen
  • Added support for re-interpreting maximize as ‘maximize to a screen part’
  • Added support for skinned applications like Yahoo messenger
  • Added option for ‘Do not resize windows, just move them’
  • Bug fix to correctly dismiss context menu in tray icon