With Citrix published applications, how can I have SplitView close when all other Citrix apps close?

SplitView can close automatically when all other Citrix published applications close, by adding the path to SplitScr.exe to the following registry key:



Note: This key may have other such exes listed as well. Add SplitScr.exe separated by a comma(,)

When the last open normal app from that session is closed, Citrix will close SplitView and the session will be logged off.

Starting with SplitView 2008 - update 7, the SplitView installer updates this key appropriately, if it exists.

We also have an application called SVclose.exe (download link) that can gracefully close SplitView when invoked. If you want to close SplitView through a batch file or script you can use this tool.