I want to access my work computer using Remote Desktop with dual monitors. Can I buy the Personal Edition license?

Yes, provided you are the only person accessing the work computer.

The SplitView options under "Multi-Monitor settings for remote Desktop/Citrix" are available when using the Personal Edition license. The Personal Edition license only allows one user to use SplitView on a computer at a time. It will not allow multiple users.

The computer being accessed with a Personal Edition license should be a workstation (i.e. not a Citrix or Terminal Server). You need one Personal Edition license for each (real or virtual) computer being accessed in this licensing mode.

SplitView should be installed on the computer/Terminal Server being accessed remotely, not the client PC where the remote session is accessed.

SplitView should be installed in 'Terminal Server mode' - this is an install option.

Users can connect to the terminal server where SplitView is installed using Remote Desktop client (version 6.0) in 'span' mode using the command line, as follows:
mstsc /span

For more details, please see here.