SplitView 2015 is here!

We are excited to release SplitView 2015, our most feature packed and powerful release ever! This release packs in a bunch of improvements that enable and enhance the use of multiple monitors in server based computing, virtualization, VDI deployments and thin client computing environments. This release is our best ever and includes a complete overhaul of every aspect of SplitView.

When it comes to screen real estate, the more you have of it, the better. Some users use SplitView in a mixed IT environment with 2, 3 and even 4 monitors of different screen resolutions. SplitView can now automatically detect the number of client monitors in a remote session and dynamically adjust the screen division for multi-monitor setting. This version can also update the screen division depending upon which set of monitors the display is being remoted to, even when reconnecting to existing sessions from a different monitor layout.

The Go Left and Go Right buttons have been enhanced to work better with 3 or more monitors, in addition to smarter window positioning in dual monitor configurations. There is improved support for positioning child dialogs and splash screens to the correct monitor, as well as several application compatibility fixes.

These enhancements are a direct result of the excellent feedback we have been receiving from our users - thank you, and enjoy splitting your monitors!